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3M Foaming Car Interior Cleaner 580gm

3M Foaming Car Interior Cleaner 580gm

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PROFESSIONAL CLEANING- Removes the toughest dirt and stains inside your car. The Foam Penetrates and Cleans Dirt and Stains from all types of Cars.

MULTISURFACE CLEANING – The car cleaner can be used for most of the car interior surfaces like Plastic, Leather, Vinyl, Rubber, Upholstery, Roof and Carpets.

SAFE TO USE –The Foam spray is free from CFC or any chlorinated solvents. it is safe to use and does not affect any car components.

PROTECTS THE SURFACE – Regular use of car Interior Foam to remove Food and oil stains Kills moulds and other germs and long life to the surface.

USE REGULARLY –The car foam spray cleaner gives the car interiors a long life, Clean and dust-free surface with no greasy residue.

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