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Creation Lamis Silver First Deodorant for men 200ml

Creation Lamis Silver First Deodorant for men 200ml

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SKU: B50ST00320

Brand: Creation Lamis

Category: Deodorants

Sub Category: Body Spray

Gender: Men

Size: 200ML

Variant: Silver Fist Warrior





Being wrapped in and exuding an enchanting fragrance should not be a dream, but a right for each & every one of us.

Creation Lamis strives to make this a reality for all of you.

Creation Lamis is an exquisite collection of premium fragrances designed for each and every one of us.

So go ahead, treat yourself to one of our heady and exotic fragrances today.



You will often see top, middle, and base notes being used to describe a fragrance.

The top notes of a fragrance, also known as the head or opening notes, are what you smell immediately after spraying your perfume or aftershave; they evaporate quickly but will form the first impression of the fragrance.

The middle or heart, notes appear once the top notes have disappeared. These notes are the main body of the fragrance, lasting longer than the top notes and are usually well-rounded.

Base notes are what is left at the end; it is this smell that you remember the most. The base notes are the longest lasting, mixing with middle notes to create the full body of the perfume of aftershave.



Blissful scent keeps you uplifted all-day.

Compact form of the bottle makes it easy to store.

Perfume is activated by body heat therefore you should apply perfume on your skin at the main pulse points, the inside of your wrist, on the neck, behind the ear, elbows and behind your knees.

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